Lol ranked duo matchmaking

In my playtime, i have come to wonder if the League of Legends matchmaking is broken.

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Now, if you know anything about League, you understand how hard this is to compensate for. Further more, it becomes harder, because you are playing effectively 4v5 now - as your fifth person is nigh replaceable by a Bot. This is not a one time happening - And neither is it something that i would argue is the sole reason of how MMR is fudged up.

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This to me, combined with the fact of matching up with people who are very polarized in skill Read: This leaves the question - is the MMR of League, in fact, broken? Considering the fact of how many games are polarized in stat distribution as well: One team getting a lot of kills, the other very little.

Is the Matchmaking broken in League?

It's often a case of "Stomp" or "Get Stomped". Further more, the distance of player skill increases and becomes a problem in higher Rankings as well - Where i have previously experienced that going up to Gold 1 - I was starting to get people who were NOT qualified for their Platinum position.

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So, again, i am wondering, how can this be? Is the system, broken?

Duo Gods League of legends VS RIOT MATCHMAKING solo q CHALLENGER mechanics

Further more, meeting up with players who are far beyond their skill level in respective league - For instance, i just played some games in low Silver, Silver 4 - having been placed just after playing some in the new Season. Historically, this meant playing ten high-stakes placement games with little to no feedback, which left a lot of players feeling anxious. When we thought about why that was happening, we realized the system pushes players to specialize. This means the worse you are at an off-position, the more likely you are to find yourself in a really hard game.

Matchmaking should be as fair as possible, period. We want the system to reward going deep on one position, but we also want to recognize hardcore players who choose to master several positions.


On the ranking side, the plan is for players to have up to five ranks, one for each position they play. If you choose to play something else or if you get autofilled, you should experience more fair games and your rank will reflect your skill in that position. Master and Challenger are a little bit trickier. Our current thinking is that once a player reaches Master tier, all their games will count toward a single rank, similar to today.

Skill based matchmaking sucks

If that player is demoted, their individual position ranks will be displayed again. One plan grants bonuses for winning secondary and autofill games that apply the next time you play your primary position.

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  • When we looked at our current arrangement of ranks, we found some of our tiers encompass a wide skill range or have too many players—most notably Bronze, Silver, and Diamond. This results in situations where some players go a long time without ever ranking up.

    Instead, we thought this would be a good opportunity to add more thresholds where players could get positive feedback on their progress without diluting what ranks mean. The current design adds two new tiers , and the addition of these tiers will help achieve two things. The end result of these changes is a climb that emphasizes the high moments of hitting new tiers without exposing you to more division promotion series.

    In a lot of ways, Ranked rewards could be more aspirational and, well, rewarding. Ranked should recognize players for competing throughout the season. For many players right now, playing ten games at the beginning of the year earns them the same rewards as their friends who play hundreds of games.