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Historical records matching hon david hume of ninewells david hume in myheritage family trees butler web site david hume in familysearch family tree. Temporary matchmaking bans system matchmaking ban system which has already been implemented on the intl server by s2 few days ago.


If it did noone would find games. The point was that people used to only play public games.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Official September 2018 TCG Banlist! LIVE REACTION!

Ban lists display that someone is on your banlist when they join and gives a reason if you stated one. This was the only way to know who had trolled your past games or was a frequent leaver.

Hon Banlist Matchmaking

If it did do something though it'd be a total pain in the ass you could artificially make yourself not play anybody with high mmr. Does it give a little notification if someone is on your banlist in MM?

I'd like to see at least that so I know not to feed the trolls. It should do this at least imo, but it doesn't.

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Recently i joined a game with a guy i banlisted a day ago. And a few months ago i played with someone that i decided to banlist after the game And it told me he is already on my banlist: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.