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Danish companies are invited to submit proposals for cooperation with a partner in one of 11 target countries, including Bangladesh, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda. The LDC company can also submit a proposal and ask for help in finding a suitable Danish partner. The programme provides a combination of advisory services, grants and loans to the partners.

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The operation was initially oriented towards South-East Asia, but the organization is considering expanding its activities to other regions, including LDCs. Its Strategic International Assistance and Matchmaking programme, for example, concerns Thai-US partnerships exclusively, with the objective of providing assistance in finding potential trade and investment partners for long-term relationships and laying out the institutional and financial framework so that the programme can be sustained independently.

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Since many of these linkage programmes are quite innovative, the instruments themselves are more or less pilot programmes. One of the issues on which the programmes differ is the need for inclusion of a capital component. These elements are wholly or partially financed on a grant basis. The Dutch programme, PSOM, provides a capital component for machinery, buildings and materials on a grant basis up to two-thirds of the cost. This approach differs from that of other programmes, which leave this aspect to financial institutions.

DANIDA also realized that an investment project might need a capital component and can provide loans within the framework of its programme, but the interest charged is close to market rates.

PSOM's experience shows that the combination of a capital and technical component within the same programme through a partial grant appeals to many companies. Even in an LDC like Mozambique, the threshold has proved low enough for companies to embark on an investment with local partners on a pilot basis. It seems clear that private companies willing to invest in developing countries, where the market is considered highly volatile, are looking for support for the total investment.

They also usually charge market rates and, in addition, sometimes require payment of administrative fees. Private-sector development schemes such as matchmaking fill that gap. What kind of matchmaking?

So who do you choose for your learning group?

Our area has a vast visual community center. Our management will play a significant role in fulfilling your needs. You can come directly our center or can go online if you wish.

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Most elite people take services from here. If the boy and girl recognise and understand each other and if they think they are perfect for each other, then we offer two parties for getting engaged. And thus, they go in a new relationship. In the community center, one kind of busy people are engaged. They have organized a wedding with their expert talent and intelligence. You have established the following items as things to keep into account:. During the exchange, there may be cultural differences or religious issues that should be taken into account when selecting the dates for the exchange.

Of your group speak fluently the language of exchange that is. To guarantee successful learning, any language barriers should be addressed beforehand.

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If there are people within the group who have any type of difficulties understanding the language of the exchange, these should be assessed and solved jointly before the exchange takes place. If there are people within the group who have any type of difficulties understanding the language of the exchange, these should be assessed and solved jointly before the exchange.


Getting to know the local realities is an asset if you want to fully test, transform and implement the methodology after the exchange is over. This is key for successful testing, transforming and implementation of the methodology. There are no strict rules on how a learning group should be composed.

This depends on the local context, the objectives of the learning group, the strategy for the group to make a change, etc. However, our previous experience in E-Motive and in our evaluation reports shows that the following are good practices to be kept in mind when configuring a successful learning group, as these can help mitigate and manage any risks and make the most of the opportunities in the learning process.

For E-Motive to reach success, it is important that the learning is implemented in practices and translated into policies. In most cases and according to previous experiences, sustainable change has been guaranteed by a combination of factors.

  1. Please fill in this form to evaluate the adequacy of your learning group.
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  6. Based on this, you may want to consider adjustments to your participant list. Alternatively, you could look for other options to connect to the less represented roles either before or after the actual exchange. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla varius risus at est pellentesque, nec vestibulum orci euismod. Vivamus luctus pellentesque metus, sit amet consectetur sem pellentesque eu. So who do you choose for your learning group? Please fill in this form to evaluate the adequacy of your learning group General information What will be the language of exchange?

    Are there specific cultural or religious traditions that should be considered during the exchange or afterwards in communities?

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    Issues such as food, clothes, Ramadan, Lent Do you plan on using the learnings of the exchange for strong advocacy purposes in your local pilot? Is it important for your learning outcomes to be made available to the wider public? Do you need the local media?

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    Do you need a Brand?