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I'll still talk these things out with her though, but it doesn't look promising. Which is a shame because she is exactly the type of person that I would like to settle down with. Not that I'm all that wild now: Not very, but I do know some people who married people who were previously not Adventist. Those people ended up becoming Adventist, so prepare for conversion attempts.

We generally lean towards Biblical Literalism, but we're also generally for woman's rights. I say generally because even so much as mentioning the idea of a woman in leadership is enough to start up arguments in some circles. We're all for health science, but when it comes to the examples you've mentioned, sadly, we have a tendency to make up our own science and say, "See? Um, you're wrong because um As far as interpretations of the bible, SDA as a denomination is NOT literalist, though many members are heavily influenced by that.

As far as scientific findings, age of the universe we agree with by and large though again, many disagree. That evolution happens, sure, but common descent definitely not, SDA was the organization that essentially launched the creationist movement, though be aware that much of the philosophy you associate with creationism doesn't apply, as SDAs are very much about a loving non-authoritarian God, whose law is followed because it's good for us, not because we have to.

As you'll notice, there are many different answers to your questions.

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It depends a lot on the local community and church culture. Here are my responses. In general, dating outside the church is discouraged. The major issue is that Adventists tend to have rather unique lifestyles which usually means dating involves significant lifestyle changes for one part or the other--of course, that will depend upon the person.


Sabbath-keeping and vegetarianism are two that make a major difference. I don't think you'll find many Adventists on the Universal Unitarian end of the spectrum, but there can be wide variance otherwise. We diverge markedly from fundamentalist Christianity regarding hell, the soul and a number of other points. However, this remains an ongoing discussion. Adventism has a strong history of involvement and forward thinking on social justice issues--promoting women's right's and challenging slavery, as well as pursuing international development with a deliberate eye to education and empowerment.

However, given our diversity, women in leadership and homosexuality remain hotly contested issues, with Adventists falling on both sides of the discussion, sometimes sadly aggressively so. Regarding science, Adventists are huge proponents of medical innovation and research, and has been a leader in broadcasting technologies as well.

However, there is a strong resistance to an evolutionary explanation of abiogenesis the origin of life and connected narratives of descent. However, this too remains a hotly contested area, with Adventist scientists, scholars, and members falling along a spectrum between strong support for evolution and devoted creationism. Most tend to believe in creation, but will engage scientific arguments to some degree. In the end, as with any relationship, I'd encourage you to ask questions. No one here is able to tell you where this person stands on these issues.

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It would also be well worth your time to visit the church and learn about the local church community first hand. Adventism has strong cultural elements which can be difficult to negotiate as an outsider--we don't mean to be, we just often take our community for granted. But, as a member, I have learned much about life and such through my involvement. You may get a mixed bag of them being kind to you vs. World is years old. Earth was created in 6 literal days. You may find some variation of this view mostly among biology professors on Adventist college campuses or again Feel free to ask her.

No doubt she's well versed in the subjects, but she may be reluctant to answer these questions if she really likes you back. We're used to being considered strange, weird or different by non-Adventists. If you go to church with her, just remember two things: True, I am from California. But I hear stories of SDAs in other parts of the country who are very mean to homosexuals and are also a little racist or sexist.

It is sad to hear those stories of people within the same religion. And agree you will find a mixed bag of different SDAs, depending on where you are, how old you are, what generation, your upbringing, ect. She is absolutely wonderful. Right now she is lying next to me and I am showing her Reddit for the first time. It was very amusing for both of us when I showed her this subreddit and your post was at the top.

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We figured we are obligated to chime in with our two cents. First off, it drives me absolutely fucking bonkers that she believes the Earth is only 6, years old! I do find myself trying to convince her every now and then in joking, fun conversations. But overall, I am comfortable in the fact that I know that I am right she is laughing at me right now , and she is comfortable knowing that she is right too.

I have always been open to attending services with her I am a casual Catholic so attending services is nothing new to me. Not a big deal to me whatsoever. I was upfront from the beginning that I will never convert and she is ok with that her parents, however, are not as keen on that idea but seem to be at least understanding about it. They are very nice people, and they seem to like me just fine.

They definitely are community-oriented among their church members. They do many activities together which I have no issue participating in. Just as she would hang out with my friends I am hanging out with hers. Our differences do show every now and then, but we both work through them as best we can.

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We both understand there will be many compromises involved. I think our differences worry her more than me, but we are simply taking it one day at a time. She thinks our difference in beliefs might separate us down the road. She thinks it is possible I may stop working hard at our relationship because I'll eventually think she's crazy her words, not mine. I, personally, can tell you that I highly doubt that will happen. I chalk it up to me being her first non-SDA boyfriend and she's still learning the territory. So obviously, she's much more nervous than me and is still navigating uncharted waters.

I can't predict the future with us though, but I can tell you we are absolutely having a great time together right now. We love being with each other and we hope that continues for a very long time. Hope this gave you a little more insight. Feel free to PM me with any more specific questions you're curious about. We wish you the best of luck with your situation! They are generally accepting, but they will see it as an opportunity to try and bring you into the church. Expect them to invite you to church a lot.

For the second question it varies a lot. There are people in the church who are very conservative and other that are more liberal. But to be safe most take things very literal.

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But there are many open minded people in the church. For scientific findings it also varies. Some will say the earth was made in 6 literal 24 hour days with the 7th as rest. But I know people, myself included, who think a day represents like thousands of years. I debate this with many people in the church.

Since none of us were around that time, no one can really know for sure. I have grown up adventist, and have met different people within the church with different views on this. I would not consider myself the goody goody adventist. And i don't necessarily agree with all of the doctrines of the church, but I do go to church almost every Saturday. My suggestion would be to ask her. Yet others are more open minded and believe differently.

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Not all SDAs believe in the fairly tale that the earth is only years old. I am more opened minded because when it comes down to it, God still created earth. Whether it took 6 days or years.

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I'm really sorry you got caught up with someone so religious. I'm sad to say I have never heard of this brand of crazy. I truly wish you the best though. Religious people can be WAY out there, so make sure you don't get forced into something that's not what you want. Not asking you, haha! Just wondering how someone who is so angry at religious people ended up in the SDA subreddit.

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I'm not angry at religious people at all. In fact I have nothing against religion. It's just that the frequency of religious people being insane is really disturbing. First off, thought you were OP, so I guess I was asking you. That said, I was being pretty dismissive of you in those earlier comments, my apologies for that. Basically, I was wondering how you ended up in such an obscure subreddit when you had never heard of SDA's before, kind of random, haha.

Anyway, I've got a couple of thoughts in response to your comments. God First The bible teaches that our first priority should be to seek God's kingdom and His righteousness, and He will provide for all our needs Matthew 6: Triangle Of Love The best formula for a successful relationship between a man and a woman is by having God at the top and center of the relationship. Testimonials What People are saying.

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