How do you know you are dating the wrong guy

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He might be a good guy who wants to have a serious relationship. If spending time with him exhausts you and you feel depressed and stuck each time you are with him, this is a warning sign you are dating the wrong guy. You should feel alive and happy with your boyfriend, not sad. Is your relationship his only interest?

If your boyfriend has no interests or hobbies outside of your relationship, perhaps you are dating Mr. If each difficult conversation, for instance, about religion, politics, or how many children you want, makes him angry and it leads to a serious fight, you are definitely dating the wrong man. By Julia Melko for amerikanki. Alicia Keys will host the Grammy Awards. NY rapper tops charts with less than 1, sales. Getting into the festive spirit with travel vlogger Farhana Oberson Our2Cents.

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Lentils with a side of rice: Share on Whatsapp Shares. Have you seen these Christian Louboutin baby shoes? Hackers stole data from 57 million Uber riders, drivers: CEO 22 Nov, Drake plans new release and takes shot at rival 25 Oct, Truth is, I let him treat me badly and that's tough to swallow. I can find all sorts of ways to justify staying with him — we took cool trips, we did adventurous things like rappelling and mountain biking, but the relationship drained my spirit.

I let the relationship drag on and drag me down. Today, I'm joyfully married to an amazing man and we have beautiful twin toddler girls. I don't have to give this this ex-boyfriend one more second of my life, but I feel compelled to share my story. Are you ignoring the signs? Are you ignoring your gut? If I could go back in time, I would have ended it a lot sooner. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you start to sense this might not be the dream relationship that you deserve:.

Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Person

A quick way to know if you are in a healthy relationship is to ask yourself if the person you are dating is making your life better. Healthy relationships improve our lives. When we let people mistreat us, it takes a toll on other aspects of our lives too. Fabulous times await you on the other side. Trust that your best days are ahead of you. For me, my dream man and my twin girls were on the other side of ending it. Yes, the unknown is scary, but ending a relationship that weighs heavily on you is ultimately freeing and empowering.

And what's even scarier than the unknown in knowing that you're giving up on your own happiness. You date to find the right match, not to turn yourself into the right match. In retrospect, I can clearly identify early signs that my relationship was unhealthy.

25 Easy-To-Miss Signs That You’re With The Wrong Person

Signs that said RUN! You can save yourself precious time and emotional turmoil when you read the signs early and make decisions accordingly. If your personality normally shines and suddenly you feel smaller or like your light was dimmed, check your relationship. We are all on our own journeys of growth and evolution. My deep regret is about the relationship I had with myself.

Caution Signs

We teach people how to treat us based on how we feel about ourselves. Once you make a decision to be treated better, you will be. Food has the power to create a happier and healthier world.

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