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Maybe take your date on a walk with your dog. Just get to know them initially. It's weird, there's a strange dynamic that happens between two people when you don't put that arbitrary pressure on the date. Be jovial, poke fun but don't be rude, have a few hobbies that you can discuss. At the time I was really into Crossfit. I mean, yeah, it helped I was in good shape, but my now wife was running marathons. So we had health and exercise in common. I thought of some other ideas.

Maybe go to an arcade. Anything that would give you time to talk and have that child-like fun. I would stay away from movies since you won't be able to chat and get to know each other. There's the NCSU arboretum you could walk. Also, each week this sub has a "things to do this weekend" post. TONS of ideas there.

The state fair is coming up as well. I know it's not sexy for the girl to pick the date, but you could also explain you are new to the area and you would welcome ideas and suggestions. Sorry bud if you're having a trouble in a higher population area moving to a lower pop isn't going to magically fix ya. I met my wife 2.

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If you're reasonably attractive and have a good attitude, you'll be fine. I'm sure there will be plenty. These are the types of answers I'm looking for. I'm sure it's possible to find someone anywhere to be honest, but thought I'd ask. Yeah, trying to get away from those areas because they are insanely expensive.

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Really, the dating scene isn't a huge draw for me. It would just be nice. Thanks for the reply!

Do you want a party girl or a single mom? I hear Charlotte isn't as bad but I have no experience on that part of town. I've read recent articles that Raleigh is becoming a hot spot for young professionals, but who knows how they come up with that shit. It may be but that doesn't mean equal numbers of men and women. Most major cities have an imbalance of more men than women in the age group.

Also not every girl is a single mom, what the fuck.

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He can meet some very nice girls in the area that are looking for something serious. Due to navigable traffic flows you can date across the triangle so your options are as good as you can work tinder. The deeper answer casual relations are bad news and you should find a nice person of sexual persuasion and settle down.

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The thing with NoVa is the traffic. I think that is a major deterrent for people if they are not in your area. It's taken me 2 hours to drive 20 miles at times, and it somehow never gets better no matter the time of day. I'm pretty sure I've already gone out with the only single girl that lives within miles from me.

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I'm certain that my area is more geared toward families, but I have to live here due to the nature of my job. Arlington is really the spot for singles, but you can't live there unless you're bringing in 6 figures, and since it's near the beltway, nobody is interested in driving out of and into that area.

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I just moved to Cary from the DMV a couple of months ago, after living in that area for more than 5 years, for a lot of the same reasons you're talking about. Traffic, cost of living, tired of the hassle Can honestly say it's one of the best major decisions I've ever made! I love it here, and don't see the dating scene as being an issue. Really great to get some perspective from somebody in the same situation. Thanks so much for the info! Any reason you chose Raleigh over any other place?

From the DMV perspective Try doing that anywhere in metro DMV. It's clean here - everything is well taken care of, pretty, doesn't smell bad, and while yes there are crazy people everywhere, I have less worry walking around at night or anytime for that matter. I think I read here on another post that the entire Triangle is reasonably navigable. Unless something unusual has happened, it won't take you over an hour to go 10 miles. The city and most of the benefits of city life, tons of recreation lakes, parks, greenways, trails, etc. I can go biking all over Cary during the day, then trade shorts for heels, and go to an upscale dessert bar downtown for a short 15 minute drive.

It's just so easy. In a nutshell, my shoulders dropped 6 inches from my ears since I moved here and I didn't even know they were up that far. The most important thing: I've read in other posts that traffic is bad there and in Charlotte, but I already know it can't compare to this hell. I just laugh because I don't think they've actually seen what bad is. If you have any luck, let me know. No luck on a relationship here on my end but have made some really good friends! There are tons of middle-aged women in Raleigh who are looking for a younger guy that can keep up them.

If you want to get in on this action, check out Cougar Life. They have a sleek site layout, a ton of members, and really great matchmaking tools. Young men and older women often spend their time in very different parts of the city, doing very different things. This is why we have rated them the 1 cougar dating site for years in a row. The south is one of the places in the country where a lot of people still go to church every sunday and where Jesus is a big part of both public and private life. The majority of religious people in Raleigh are Christian , and there are a bunch of those people who have accounts with Christian Cafe.

Not only are they a large Christian dating site, but they are also a successful one. Christian Cafe has helped over 25, people to meet their spouses. If you want more information, you can go onto their site to check out their testimonials , or read through their interesting forums about Christian Dating. Raleigh is known for its laid-back, small town feel.

People are nice, open, and accepting. If you would like that same experience in an online dating site, check out BBW Cupid. BBWCupid is a great, judgement-free dating site that helps bigger men and women to connect. They have great tools to match you with other singles, and, most importantly, they have a bunch of members! For many people, this is a great thing. More and more people are divorcing in their midlife and are actually happy about it. They are single, excited, and once again looking for someone to ignite that flame in their heart.

Dating in your 50s, 60s, and 70s is not what it used to be. There are tons of active, middle-aged singles who are on online dating sites, looking for their next romance or even just a fun fling. With their amazing Compatibility Matching System, eHarmony can find you a bunch of wonderful matches in no time. They even have a blog with advice articles for dating in your older age.

According to Forbes, Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. All kinds of people are moving to the city for all kinds of reasons. Match has been in the online dating game for a long time. They were one of the original sites to come online.

Since then, they have really made sure that they can provide a premium service to their gay and lesbian clients. Match has made a whole section of their website just for gay dating. They have helpful blog posts for their gay members. Most importantly, they have a ton of gay and lesbian members who are looking for their next date! Along with a population boom and rapid economic growth come a ton of wealthy residents.

A lot of these guys have everything a guy could want, except for companionship. Surprisingly, a lot of loaded guys are actually pretty lonely. admin